1. Skin Conditions

Corns and Calluses

Corns and calluses are areas of hard, thickened skin that develop with repeated pressure or friction. There could also be secondary discomfort or pain from the pressure that comes from the area of thickened skin.

Corns and calluses can develop over time if you are wearing ill-fitting shoes or spend a lot of time standing during the day. They can also occur on bony feet (lack of fat pad) as there’s a lack of natural cushioning.


Corns and calluses point to an underlying problem. They will not get better unless the cause of the pressure or repeated friction is dealt with.

Over-the-counter treatments for corns, such as corn plasters, are available from pharmacy. However, they do not treat the root cause and may affect the normal, thinner skin surrounding the corn. Furthermore, corn plasters may not be suitable for certain people, such as those with diabetes, circulation problems or fragile skin.

A podiatrist is able to treat corns or badly callused areas using a sharp blade to remove the thickened area of skin. The process is usually painless.

Other skin conditions includes dry fissuring, viral warts or fungal skin infection. Do seek medical advice or consult a podiatrist if you require help with any of these skin conditions on the feet.