Podiatry Association (Singapore) Executive Committee 2021 – 2023 Elections

Podiatry Association (Singapore) Executive Committee 2021 – 2023 Elections

The upcoming elections will be taking place during the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 22 Feb 2021.

We are pleased to announce the following nominees:

President: Kwok Siew Keong
Vice-President: Arnold Hu Hanquan
Treasurer: Supapong Supantamart (Toto)
Public Relations Officer: Ruth Goh
Continuing Education Officer: Fiona Hu Wenyan
Secretary: Vacant

Find out more about our nominees from their manifestos!


Name: Kwok Siew Keong

Nominator: Marabelle Heng; Seconder: Fiona Hu

Current Employer: Singapore General Hospital
Length of practice in Singapore: 6 years
Length of practice: 7 years
Membership with PA(S): 2018 – 2021
Past PA(S) committees: Treasurer 2019 – 2021


Hi Podiatry Colleagues,

I am SK and I will like to run for the chance to be your PAS President in the upcoming years.

A little bit about myself, I have been working as a Podiatrist in SGH from 2014, and have supported PAS as a Treasurer from 2019-2021 (for the existing members, yes, I’m the one who has been emailing you receipts, and/or kindly reminding you for payments!) Over the years, I have also joined PAS in some of the volunteering events too. The journey of becoming a Podiatrist over the years has been a meaningful one as I learned from both the seniors and juniors alike.

Having worked and interacted with various Podiatrists (both public and private colleagues), I have gleaned much from their wisdom in the journeys which they have embarked on earlier than me, or the energy from the younger ones which spurs me on. Having worked as a Podiatrist for the last 7 years, I have grown to appreciate the landscape of Podiatry in Singapore and how much more we can support our profession and society. With the curveball that Covid-19 has thrown us all, it really cements the need to rally together to support our colleagues around us, and also those patients who entrust themselves into our care.

The outgoing committee has spared no efforts in adapting and meeting the needs of our Podiatry fraternity. They have worked behind the scenes with MOH in trying to get our services up again, finding new resources for continuing education, and also securing funds for these programmes! We shall not let up on these good works that has been sowed in, and it shall be my privilege to carry on and take them further!

Friends around me will know me as someone who embraces new ideas, someone who helps people to see the how-to rather than the it-cannots. No idea is really too
wild! Having said that, I’d like to form a new Exco that will try their best to understand and meet the needs of both the old birds and young bloods, and aim to make PAS
relevant, important and useful for you in any way possible for all of us.

You may notice I am of a slightly newer generation of Pod who is running for the
President role since PAS started, right? (If you didn’t, now I’m highlighting this to you, lol!) =) So why not consider vote me lah, let me have a chance to inject some new
energy and perspectives into the new PAS Committee, and let’s see where this brings us all to?



Vice President

Arnold Hu
Name: Arnold Hu Hanquan

Nominator: Sheena Tan; Seconder: Kwok Siew Keong

Current Employer: Jurong Health Campus, NUHS
Length of practice in Singapore: 3 years 1 month
Length of practice: Same as above
Membership with PA(S): 2019 – 2021
Past PA(S) committees: Vice President 2019 – 2021


One thing I took away from my education and training as a podiatry student in Australia was that the podiatry was really united as a profession. That really stuck with me. Podiatry is a small profession; therefore we should stick together which will make it easier when the profession wants to push for new initiatives and progress a whole.

We should take advantage of our niche, one good example would be is our ability to apply biomechanics to alleviate lower limb issues, and really cement our role as primary foot care physicians.

It is important to promote awareness of who we are and what do in the professional medical community and the Singaporean community. This allows us to be recognised by fellow colleagues, peers, and lay persons. In the wake of the current war against diabetes, we will be able to reach out to even more people who need our valuable services.

Without our members, we will not have an Association, I endeavour to provide more reason for present members to retain their membership and attract more practicing podiatrists to join the association by doing what makes sense for us. Would it be more quality and meaningful CEs? Would it be more social networking events? I will hear the ground and do my best to fill the gaps.

If I were to be given the chance to serve as your vice-president again, I will do my utmost best to work with the other committee members to come up with new initiatives, especially in today’s new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to value add to your journey as a podiatrist in Singapore.




Name: Supapong Supantamart (Toto)

Nominator: Lynn Li Toh; Seconder: Hu Wen Yan Fiona

Current Employer: Physio & Sole Clinic
Length of practice in Singapore: 9 years 1 month
Length of practice: same as above
Membership with PA(S): 2012 – 2021
Past PA(S) committees: nil


I’m Supapong, most of you know me as Toto. I’ve been an active member of the Association since I first started working in Singapore and I’m running for the treasurer position.

I would like to build good relationships with other members of our Association as well as to enhance my experience with PA(S) by taking more responsibility through being a treasurer. I work intuitively, take initiatives and constantly seek improvements.

I’m keen to apply the knowledge, skills and experience from working in both the public and private sectors to the benefit of the position and the association as a whole. Thank you!

Public Relations Officer

Name: Ruth Goh
Nominator: Marabelle Heng; Seconder: Polly Lim

Current Employer: Khoo Teck Puat Hospital
Length of practice in Singapore: 1 month
Length of practice: same as above
Membership with PA(S): 2016 – 2021
Past PA(S) committees: nil


I am a very motivated and innovative person and I dare to dream big. I am persistent in achieving my goals. I dream that podiatry will be recognised as an indispensable service.

I am passionate about educating patients about foot problems and how podiatry services can help them. I believe that in empowering patients through educating them about their conditions and preventative measures. I care about caregivers and caregiver fatigue. As we spend long consults with patients regularly, we have the opportunity to refer patients to governmental/non-profit organisations who can support patients and caregivers emotionally.

I would like to conduct outreach programmes, together with other volunteers, to the public as well as to other health care professionals to increase awareness of podiatry services. We can also tap on existing partnerships will allow us to raise the profile of podiatry in the Singapore healthcare system.

I hope to find opportunities for PAS to collaborate internationally with other podiatrists and share our knowledge and learn from others.

Continuing Education Officer

Name: Fiona Hu Wenyan
Fiona Hu Wenyan
Nominator: Kwok Siew Keong; Seconder: Marabelle Heng

Current Employer: Physio and Sole Clinic
Length of practice: 12 years 2 months
Membership with PA(S): 2009 – 2021
Past PA(S) committees: President 2013 – 2015, CE Officer 2019 – 2021


-To continue to provide quality Continuing Education programmes for podiatry members

-To help Podiatry Association(Singapore) serve as a go-to place for professional matters

-To help steer PAS in the right direction benefitting podiatrists and the general public

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