AGM & Elections for 2019-2021

Dear Members,

Podiatry Association (Singapore) will be holding our Annual General Meeting(AGM) and Executive Committee Elections for 2019-2021.

Date: 23rd February 2019
Time: 2:30 – 4:30pm
Venue: Academia, Singapore General Hospital

The Nominations for the Executive Committee Elections will be ongoing from 28th January 2019 to 7th February 2019.
The Elections candidates will be announced on 15th February 2019.
Please check your emails for nomination/application forms.

These are the respective positions up for elections:



The President of PA(S) provides vision and strategic leadership to the Association. The President takes responsibility for specific key functions of the Association, and ensures that the needs of members are met in accordance with the constitution of the Association and the laws of the Republic of Singapore. The President also attends meeting and functions with external organizations on behalf of PA(S). The President calls for the Annual General Meeting (yearly) and Extraordinary General Meeting (where required). The President is a signatory for PA(S) financial processes and the liaison with authorities (eg. Ministry of Health).


The Vice President of PA(S) provides support to the President and to take responsibility for certain specific key functions of the Association, as delegated by the President. The Vice President is expected to attend the monthly Executive meeting and chair meetings in the absence of the President. He or she is also involved in providing input and guidance on topics with regards to events and podiatry matters.


The Secretary of PA(S) provides administrative support to the Association and takes responsibility for certain specific key functions of the PA(S) Executive Committee, as delegated by the President. The Secretary coordinates membership enrollment. The Secretary is responsible for taking minutes and attendance of members at the monthly Executive Committee meetings and maintains PA(S) records. The Secretary updates our records with authorities and institutions (eg. Registry of Societies & bank) and also updates our mailing/billing address with relevant parties (eg. vendors & subscription bodies).


The Treasurer of PA(S) maintains and is responsible for all financial aspects of the Association. The Executive Treasurer keeps record of the financial activities – this includes invoicing, issuance of receipt, book keeping for incoming, outgoing monies and sponsorship. Together with the President, the treasurer is a co-signatory for financial processes for PA(S). The Treasurer will ensure that all PA(S) accounts are available for presentation at the Annual General Meeting and submits our account statements to relevant authorities (eg. Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore) annually.


The Public Relations Officer of PA(S) is responsible for the Association’s publicity of our profession, public education and creating avenues of collaborations with partner organizations. The Public Relations Officer provides administrative support to the President by receiving and responding to external organisation correspondences. He or she is also involved in correspondence and communication of upcoming events, with members of the association.


The Continuing Education(CE) Officer of PA(S) is responsible for the Association’s continuing education opportunities for podiatrists. The Continuing Education Officer takes the lead in organizing the yearly Podiatry Association Symposium. He or she is also involved in promoting the continuing education events to members of the association. The Continuing Education officer is involved in monitoring the attendance rates of each CE event.

We hope to have all members present for supporting and voting for the election candidates. See you at AGM!

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