PA(S) Elections 2017-2019: For Vice President (Melissa Phua)

Candidate 2

Melissa Phua
Name: Melissa Phua

Nominator: Tiffany Chew; Seconder: Matthias Ho

Length of Practice in Singapore: 14 years 7 months
Membership with PA(S): 2002 to 2016
Past PA(S) committees: Secretary, Treasurer

I am very committed to the forwarding of the profession in Singapore. As part of this drive, I plan to contribute to the Association in the capacity of supporting and advising the President:
– on best clinical practices, policies, clinical governance and so on
– dealing with the media and other publicity materials
– enforcing and governance against errant practices
– working with relevant authorities and stakeholders to expand the Podiatry scope of practice in Singapore as laid out in the current AHPC Act, including working toward changing the legislation to encompass independent practice for clinical services (e.g. administration of LA, nail procedures, ordering of radiological investigations etc) that are currently not mainstream Podiatry services in Singapore, but ARE mainstream in the UK, Australia
– looking into privileging for certain practices, e.g. antibiotic prescription and certification for medical leave
I am currently already serving on the Readiness Review Committee as appointed by the Ministry of Health. I am also leading the TTSH Podiatry team and have an Education portfolio with NHG College. I am confident that I have all the skills sets that are essential for fulfilling this role.

Committee Comments:
Melissa attended approximately 11% of PA(S) events in 2015-17.

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