PA(S) Elections 2017-2019: For Treasurer (Lynn)

Lynn TohName: Toh Lynn Li
Nominator: Daphne Tan; Seconder: Fiona Hu

Length of Practice in Singapore: 6 years
Membership with PA(S): 2011 to 2017
Past PA(S) committee: Nil

Hello, my name is Lynn and I will be running for the Treasurer position for PAS 2017-2019. I have been Class Treasurer back in secondary school days where I managed the class funds used for events. I was also in the Marketing Committee in the student council for when I did pre-university where I mainly organized events to promote the student council. Previously when I was at NUH, I played a role in getting sponsorship for meals and organizing the Faculty Dinner held during the HMDP in 2015. As a responsible and organized person, I believe I would do a good job at managing the accounts for the association. I enjoy working in a team and my friendly personality will ensure that anyone can work comfortably with me. If elected as Treasurer, I will ensure the association’s accounts are managed efficiently and I will also give my help and support in the continued growth of the association.

Committee Comments:
Lynn attended approximately 42% of PA(S) events in 2015-17.

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