PA(S) Elections 2017-2019: For Public Relations Officer (Polly Lim)

Polly LimCandidate 2

Name: Lim Qiao Xian Polly
Nominator: Ng Jia Lin; Seconder: Yeo Boon Kiak

Length of Practice in Singapore: 2 years 7 months
Membership with PA(S): 2014 to 2017
Past PA(S) committee: none

I’ve been a PA(S) member since my graduation. I find the association helpful in organising outreach, awareness and volunteering opportunities for young budding podiatrists like myself. I am grateful for the efforts put in by the association to make members feel welcomed. I’d like to run for Public Relations Officer (PRO) as I believe I can facilitate personal development for incoming and current members. I have a keen interest in community work and have volunteered with many different organisations of various roles over the years. The PA(S) was a great platform that connected me to provide podiatry outreach out of my comfort zone e.g. presenting and organising games for kids 7-12 years old at a day centre twice last year. If elected as a PRO, I would like to build relationships with more communities around Singapore. I see the PRO as someone who consolidates resources for members and bridge gaps between members from different working environments. As part of my personal development running for a PAS position, I’m willing to learn and improve on my PR skills. I hope to be the person that helps connect ‘you to them’ and ‘them to you’. I also stand for podiatry registration and creating greater awareness as to how much more podiatry can offer to the current healthcare system. I look forward to serving the podiatry family with everyone. Thank you.
Committee Comments
Polly attended approximately 58% of PA(S) events in 2015-17. Her participation in PA(S) outreach events was 4 out of 6 during the period.

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