PA(S) Elections 2017-2019: For Public Relations Officer (Louis Loy)

Louis LoyCandidate 1

Name: Louis Loy Seng Ye

Nominator: Self; Seconder: Georgina Callaghan

Length of Practice in Singapore: 2 years
Membership with PA(S): 2015 to 2017
Past PA(S) committee: None

I, Louis Loy, am a Permanent Resident working in Singapore as a private podiatrist for the past 2 years. I ran last year for the office of PA(S) Public Relations Officer, and I wish to run again for this year. I am excited about the practice of podiatry, and I would like to play a part in advocating for the profession in Singapore.
Podiatry must be strengthened through action; I know that an office in PA(S) comes with responsibility to all podiatrists in Singapore. My mission statement is as follows:
– My main goal is to elevate podiatry.
– I want to raise awareness of podiatry in Singapore through promotion of all podiatrists in a united way. There is strength in professional unity.
– I want to bring together private companies (shoewear, medical technologies, etc.) and podiatrists in collaborative efforts. We can’t accomplish national aims alone; we need backing.
– I want to encourage more public foot screenings and public service, promoted and made known to ordinary Singaporeans.
– I want to liaise with other healthcare professionals and guide podiatry in the direction that I feel it should be going.
– I will work with the committee and all PA(S) members to make this a profession we are proud of; I want to hear all open feedback.
– I will work closely with the Continuing Education Officer to ensure relevant courses and programs are available to elevate our podiatry skills. Private sponsorship is key to paying for all of this.
– I will work with other professional associations, ensuring we hold pivotal roles in society.

I feel that what sets me apart from the current leadership, is that I have a different viewpoint and action plan when it comes to the future of the profession. I studied the history of the podiatry in other countries such as UK, Australia, and the USA… and I see that advancement of the profession will only come from unity and courage. I want to encourage expansion of scope, not prohibit it. I want to seek more scope, not settle for less. I want the Singapore public and the business sector to know podiatry as what it can be, not the limited form that it currently is.

Committee Comments
Louis attended approximately 32% of PA(S) events in 2015-17. His participation in PA(S) outreach events was 0 out of 6 during the period. Louis, alongside his other colleagues, was recently reviewed by the PA(S) committee for provision of services not in keeping with podiatry practices.

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