PA(S) Elections 2017-2019: For Continuing Education Officer (Caselyn Quek)

Caselyn QuekName: Caselyn Quek
Nominator: Kuah Bao Peng; Seconder: Marabelle Heng

Length of Practice in Singapore: 2 year 2 months
Membership with PA(S): 2016 to 2017
Past PA(S) committee: Public relations officer 2016

Dear PA(S),
I would like to run for the position of Continuing Education Officer for the upcoming term.

Having had the opportunity to serve in the current committee as Public Relations Officer, I have been fortunate enough to help PAS organize various public outreaches to increase the awareness of Podiatry and to educate on basic foot care. Despite my short role as PRO, what I have learnt is that there is still a lot of opportunities for PAS to grow as an Association. Be it through further efforts to create greater awareness of Podiatry to colleagues in the medical/allied health world and to the public, to being a network for friendly discussion, collaboration and support for all Singaporean podiatrists.

My goal, as Continuing Education Officer would be to continue to serve PAS members with updates on latest podiatric practices; guidelines and research so that we can continue to treat patients according to the best practices. Being such a small and young profession, the opportunities for professional development growth may be slow or limited for many working in Singapore. Hence, it is my wish to help change that and create more interdisciplinary learning with our fellow colleagues in other medical fields and/or with other overseas podiatry networks.

Having witnessed the effort and dedication that the current executive committee members put into making PAS what it is today, I would like to see PAS continue to grow strength to strength as an Association that represents the voice for podiatrists in Singapore. It is thus my hope that in being able to continue serving with the next committee, I will be able to contribute in helping PAS become an even greater Association, serving with excellence both its own members and the wider community.

Committee Comments
Caselyn attended approximately 68% of PA(S) events in 2015-17.

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