Annual General Meeting 2018

Thank you everyone who attended this year's AGM during our annual lunch sponsored by Biolab Precision Orthotics on 3rd Feb 2018. We have be honoured to serve you the past year and will continue to dedicate more continuing education sessions and outreach opportunities for all members. Do follow us on our facebook page for the latest updates! We will be running our elections for aspiring exco-members during the next AGM in 2019. 27751767_573028003048277_5397745898583751164_n  ...
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Elected EXCO 2017-2019

Congratulations to our newly elected
Podiatry Association (Singapore) Executive Committee for

President: Ms Marabelle Heng
Vice President: Mr Leon Alvis
Treasurer: Ms Toh Lynn Li
Secretary: Ms Wong Wan Mun
Continuing Education Officer: Ms Caselyn Quek
Public Relations Officer: Ms Polly Lim

A big thank you to the past committee for their hard work!...
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PA(S) Executive Committee Elections 2017-2019

Podiatry Association (Singapore) will be holding the Executive Committee Elections for 2017-2019 on 18th March 2017.

EXCO nominees Here are the Nominees: President: Marabelle Heng, Michael Lai Vice President: Leon Alvis, Melissa Phua Secretary: Wong Wan Mun Treasurer: Toh Lynn Li Continuing Education Officer: Caselyn Quek Public Relations: Polly Lim, Louis Loy Note: Campaigning should end on 15 March 2017 (Wed) to observe pre-elections silence. Elections will be conducted on 18 March 2017 at our Annual General Meeting. Click on the nominees' names to read their respective Manifestos!...
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PA(S) Elections 2017-2019: For President (Marabelle Heng)

Candidate 1

Marabelle Heng Name: Marabelle Heng
Nominator: Jasper Tong; Seconder: Chelsea Law
Length of Practice in Singapore: 8 years 3 months
Membership with PA(S): 2009 to 2017
Past PA(S) committees: Public Relations Officer 2009,
Secretary 2010, Vice-President 2011 – 2015, President 2015 – 2017
This year, PA(S) celebrates 20 years. What would Podiatry in Singapore look like in the next 3 and 5 years? What would we look like in 20 years at our 40th anniversary? I break the years into smaller visions for 3 and 5 years because I believe that great things are not done by impulse,...
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PA(S) Elections 2017-2019: For President (Michael Lai)

Candidate 2

Michael Lai Name: Michael Yi Chang Lai
Nominator: Self; Seconder: Georgina Callaghan
Length of Practice in Singapore: 7 years 2 months
Membership with PA(S): 2010 to 2013(?), 2016 to 2017
Past PA(S) committee: None prior

I am a plain-spoken man, and I have a plain and singular mission statement for why I wish to be the President of the PAS: To bring about change to the practice and culture of the profession in Singapore. The above is the only reason I am running to be president. Once I feel that the profession has been safeguarded against the current...
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PA(S) Elections 2017-2019: For Vice President (Alvis Leon)

Candidate 1

Leon Alvis Name: Alvis Leon Timothy Charles
Nominator: Marabelle Heng; Seconder: Melissa Lee
Length of Practice in Singapore: 1 year 8 months
Membership with PA(S): 2015 to 2016
Past PA(S) committee: Vice-President 2016


Dear Members,

It has been a honour to be able to serve in the Podiatry Association (Singapore). In the past year, we have, as an organisation, been able to reach out to the community through several events.

As a committee member, I would like to increase community awareness of our Association through various platforms such as educational talks (to organisations, community centres), marathons and schools.

It is also very important to...
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